NEW Reusable Bags are now being offered at Land of Lincoln Goodwill!

We are excited to share our sustainability and recycling strategies with you for the upcoming months and years ahead. Goodwill has been environmentally and socially responsible, adhering to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance (prosperity), since
before the term existed. Goodwill was founded on sustainability principles.

Sustainability does not just refer to financial viability, or the health of the planet, but also encompasses the health of the community. This triple focus is referred to as the ‘triple bottom line’. As it pertains to Goodwill®, the sustainability framework that encompasses the triple bottom line as mentioned above.

Over the last couple of months, we have offered “free” used, reusable shopping bags to our customers at our checkout counter. Presently, customers have the choice to continue using single-use plastic bags, bring their bags from home, or use one of our “free” used reusable shopping bags.

Starting July 1, customers will have a new option. NEW colorful Goodwill shopping bags may be purchased for only $1.29 each. Customers may choose from multiple design options, as shown below. We look forward to joining other retail plastic bag-free providers such as Aldi, Costco, and soon-to-be Kroger in the months ahead. Plus, you will find many Goodwills around the country making this same transition.

Now, keep in mind, that every customer has a choice. Customers may feel free to bring bags from home. We are fine with that choice. Again, that’s a recycling commitment and we love it.

Plastic bags are not recyclable and are polluting our planet at a rapid rate. In total, we use 100 million tons of plastic every year. Some 10 percent of this plastic ends up in the oceans. An estimated 300 million plastic bags every year end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. All that plastic ending up in oceans is not without consequences.

This a great article that highlights 10 Facts about Single-Use Plastic Bags.

At Land of Lincoln Goodwill, we ask for your help to decrease the amount of plastic bags that remain in our environment and end up in landfills, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

Thank you for your patronage and support of this movement!

Watch for more bag designs coming to stores soon!