Announcing Youth Services Summer Employment Program

As an integral part of the mission of our Youth Services Program, we provide opportunities for the youth participants to be employed in our retail stores over their summer break from school.

We begin this process in the spring by coordinating with Retail Management, Human Resources, Career Services, and Youth Services. Positions are created and posted. We bring in any youth who are interested in the program. They have a half-day workshop to learn employability skills such as resume writing and interviewing. We assist them with completing the application process and we practice interviewing.

The students are contacted by the manager of the location where they applied and then formally interviewed. Upon completion of the screening process, they are presented with an offer of employment.

We gather the students together again over their Spring break for a full-day workshop. During this workshop, they are provided with an orientation, assistance with completing required paperwork, and more employability skills training. Students learn how to present themselves professionally in the workplace, how to be a team player, conduct themselves with acceptable behaviors, and more. Upon completion of this workshop, the students are ready to begin employment in the “real world” at Goodwill or other appropriate places of employment.

This program not only provides valuable life skills for the youth but it also fosters a partnership between our Mission Programs, Retail, and Human Resources. In conclusion, we are proud to announce that several of our students are employed throughout our community including Land of Lincoln Goodwill. Their work experience is linked to personal growth. Students will learn valuable skills, time management and develop confidence in their abilities.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Shelley F. Singleton
VP Marketing, Communications & Fund Development
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